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Hackers wanted - Software Engineer & Machine Learning Expert

freiheit.com technologies

2019-10-04 06:13:00

salary: 55000.00 Euro . EUR Annual

Job location Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Job type: fulltime

Job industry: I.T. & Communications

Job description

At freiheit.com technologies (Full-time), in Hamburg, Germany
Salary: €45.000 - €55.000
Expires at: 2020-02-14

freiheit.com's software engineers have been building large-scale software systems since 1999. We are internet pioneers and we have delivered hundreds of projects for our customers that are used by millions of users with thousands of requests per second since then.

In the last two decades we have been constantly reinventing and improving ourselves. Self-Improvement and learning are deeply ingrained into our company's DNA and in the personality of all of our team members. We tackle new and interesting problems all the time and very often create things that nobody has built before.

At heart we are an unusual, innovative and bold engineering company. 80 % of our people are engineers with backgrounds in Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics, many also with strong machine learning backgrounds.

We hire the top ranking students directly from university or from their first work experience and actively develop them to become well-rounded software engineers.

From our Engineering Hubs in Hamburg and Lisbon we work for large and mid-sized companies to reinvent their future with technology.

About your job:

  • You start in one of our engineering teams. Team size is maximum five people.
  • You will receive a lot of introductory training in the first weeks about the technologies you are going to use in your project. The trainings are conducted by software engineers from our own company.
  • You are involved in every part of the software engineering process and in the lifecycle of the services that your team is building - design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, operations and improving software based on user feedback and usage data.
  • You work closely with our customers to iteratively improve their product offering by conceiving, refining and delivering new ideas.

Main requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related fields like Mathematics or Physics
  • Experience in C/C++, Python or Java
  • Ability to learn fast

Nice to have

Prefered qualifications:
  • Master or PhD in Computer Science or related fields like Mathematics or Physics
  • Algorithms and data structures, understanding time & space complexity
  • Experience in Go, Kotlin, TypeScript or JavaScript
  • Experience in front end development, like ReactJS, Angular, Vue or Flutter/Dart
  • Experience working with distributed systems in the Cloud
  • Experience in Machine Learning and Data Science

Bonus skills or interests:
  • Functional programming with Common Lisp, Clojure or Haskell
  • Competitive Programming

  • A culture that focuses on continuous learning and development
  • Humorous, intelligent and passionate people
  • More than ninety percent of your colleagues are software engineers
  • An atmosphere of respect and helpfulness
  • Weekly tech talks and a wide range of training opportunities
  • A culture where the best idea and best code count
  • Spacious, beautiful designed office in the heart of Hamburg

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