Computer Numerical Control Programmer


2019-11-13 09:10:47

Job location Denver, Colorado, United States

Job type: fulltime

Job industry: I.T. & Communications

Job description

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Complete operations launch requirements including modelling, programming, creation of process drawings, and design of process & measurement fixtures/aides.
  • Provide Production Floor support utilizing structured problem solving methodologies. Develop, evaluate and improve manufacturing methods, utilizing knowledge of product design, materials and parts, fabrication processes, tooling and production equipment capabilities, assembly methods and quality control standards.
  • Estimate production times and fixture requirements and related costs in order to provide information needed for management decisions.
  • Confer with management, engineering and other staff regarding manufacturing capacities, production schedules and other considerations to facilitate production processes and apply statistical methods to estimate future manufacturing requirements and potential.

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