Azure Devops Developer


2020-09-23 17:39:32

Job location Redmond, Washington, United States

Job type: fulltime

Job industry: I.T. & Communications

Job description


  1. Creating and maintaining the images (includes maintaining base OS image and Add-Ons on top of the image and patching it) on windows and Ubuntu servers
  1. Create/Update CICD pipelines that can manually/automatically trigger to create right images, run tests, and publish them.
  2. Maintain and enhancing existing CICD azure DevOps pipeline using YAML based pipeline
  1. Create and maintain automation of the Image creation including:
  • Automation/tooling for installation of different framework/libraries
  • Create/maintain automation tool in python
  1. UI automation on DSVM for some of the critical UI components
  2. Manual and Automation Tests execution, maintaining the results and detecting/logging bugs
  3. Manual verification of DSVMs for UI tools
  1. Benchmarking and Perf Tests
  2. CICD, Automation
- provided by Dice

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