Assistant Project Manager


2019-12-03 18:48:11

Job location Denver, Colorado, United States

Job type: fulltime

Job industry: Construction

Job description

Assistant Project Manager

General Role Description

The Assistant Project Manager works closely with the Project Manager to manage the full gamut of the construction process. This individual strives to understand how to develop and maintain positive relationships that result in long-term partnerships with clients, subcontractors and consultants. The Assistant Project Manager facilitates consistent and accurate communication with all parties involved in the project process. The individual is a key team member and assists to establish a project focus that includes: how the project fits with the clients' goals while adhering to schedule and budget, as well as the ability to identify project value and maximize the project's financial performance.

This position reports to the Project Manager and has no direct supervisory responsibilities.

High Level Key Responsibilities

Assist the Project Manager with the following:

Project Management

  • Prepare complete scopes of work for each trade - make sure all exposures are covered up front (even if not covered by original estimate)
  • Assist in setting up Schedule of Values and all contract exhibits prior to GMP execution.

  • Assist with and communicate conflicts/issues with clients and subcontractors to Project Manager

  • Review Project Schedule to gain a complete understanding of critical path and ensure buyout, submittals, and procurement are completed to support the critical path
  • Assist in generating Buy-Out RFIs etc.
  • Buy-Out each trade with a positive end result for both DIRC and the Subcontractor
  • Ensure scoping, means and methods and schedule are synchronized between field operations and the subcontractors
  • Ensure logistics are factored into scopes of work that are realistic with the project logistic plans
  • Review & understand notes and comments on the bid tab under the selected Subcontractor
  • Work with Project Manager to timely and accurately update Job Cost Status Report
  • Assist in billing the client in a timely and complete manner (make sure cash flow is a priority)
  • Provide project management support to assist in the facilitation of the submittal and RFI process
  • Assist Project Manager in monitoring schedule performance
  • Responsible for overall effective communication with all parties involved in the construction process
  • Act as a proactive liaison between Owner, Consultants and Subcontractors
  • Prepare the Scope of Work for the selected Subcontractor using the bid tab, specification, design drawings, archived scope specific examples and your knowledge of what it will require to complete that scope of work

Safety/Finance/Risk Management
  • Assist Superintendent in managing safety concerns
  • Participate in negotiations and contracting process with Subcontractors to secure executed contracts and agreements in a timely manner
  • Understand Owner and Subcontractor Insurance & Bonding and how it relates to projects
  • Read and understand the project prime contract and how it relates to our responsibilities and manage the risks accordingly
  • Read and understand the Subcontractor Master Services Agreement and be able to enforce as necessary
  • Assist in reviewing subcontractors billings monthly against work performed or subcontract agreed upon pay schedule
  • Manage the project budget
  • Forecast Final Cost effectively each month

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