Team Leader, Pastoral Care

SSM Health

2018-10-04 16:15:41

Job location Janesville, Wisconsin, United States

Job type: fulltime

Job industry: Community & Sport

Job description


Role Purpose:

The Team Leader of the Pastoral Care Department has the primary
responsibility for planning, organizing and coordinating services that minister
to the spiritual and emotional needs of patients, families and staff. This
includes achieving high employee engagement to create a distinctive patient
experience and assure the provision of quality and safe services through the
Pastoral Care team members. The team leader assures that team members are
performing their work consistent with organizational expectations, policies and

Role Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrates
    the philosophy of the sponsoring religious congregations, through the SSM
    Health Care values and tenets of integrated health care, while providing
    leadership and demonstrating innovation within the health care
  • Promotes
    teamwork by maintaining positive and productive intra and inter
    departmental relationships (relationship-based care); and utilizes
    effective conflict resolution and problem solving skills.
  • Collaborates
    with physicians and other members of the health care team to assure
    alignment of the distinctive patient experience and provision of quality
    and safe care.
  • Achieves
    departmental employee engagement through: The effective and just processes
    to select, develop, coach, manage and evaluate team members. Continuously
    eliciting team participation and involvement in the development and
    implementation of the departmental plans related to the provision of
    distinctive patient services and the provision of quality and safe
    services within the department. Invested in the growth and development of
    the team members. Fosters an open and effective work environment that
    provides the resources and supports team members in their ability to
    perform their job responsibilities to the best of their abilities.
    Communication of departmental outcomes and creating clear expectations. o
    Recognition and celebration of individual, team and departmental
    achievements. and availability and accessibility to individual team
    members. Assists in the planning and implementation of marketing plans,
    including materials, local sponsorship, health screenings and special
    events. Works closely with the ministrys community relations team to
    promote outreach activities.
  • Assesses
    and assures selection, coaching, development and alignment of the team
    members work with achieving departmental plans based on organizational
  • Serves
    as a resource to the team in the provision of patient care services. Tends
    the intra and inter departmental boundaries as appropriate to
    accomplishing the departmental goals.
  • Accesses,
    utilizes and communicates departmental progress through available clinical
    and decision support tools.
  • Assures
    team is operating within the approved fiscal, human resource and operating
    plans, organizational expectations, and regulatory requirements.
  • Provides
    ongoing communication and feedback to director regarding progress and
    barriers to achieving departmental results. Reports directly to the
    Regional Director of Mission, Ethics and Pastoral Care.
  • Demonstrates
    clinical competence in supporting the team members as evidenced by
    completing annual competency and providing clinical assistance as needed
    in care delivery.
  • Participates
    in the hospitals Ethics Committee and provides support to that committee
    in coordination with the Chair of the committee and the Regional Director
    of Mission, Ethics and Pastoral Care. Participates in the hospitals
    Mission Awareness Team (MAT) and provides support to MAT in coordination
    with the chair/co-chair of the MAT and Regional Director of Mission,
    Ethics and Pastoral Care. Participates in the hospitals Regulatory
    Readiness Committee, especially regarding The Joint Commission chapter
    titled: Rights and Responsibilities of the Individual.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Master's
    Degree in Theology (or its equivalent)
  • Chaplaincy
    Certification by NACC, APC or other recognized accrediting body accepted
    by SSM Health
  • 3-5
    years (clinical and leadership experience)
Department Specific:

The Chaplain in a health care facility is a member of the
professional staff. Well trained for the particular issues involved in a
ministry to people who are physically or emotionally ill, as well as, to their

In addition to planning, organizing and coordinating services that
minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of patients, families and staff,
the Lead Chaplain should have awareness and concern about the fears,
loneliness, anxiety, boredom, and other emotional feelings that can hinder a
person's return to health is essential. Professional knowledge of theological
and medico-moral matters, the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic
Health Care Services, and Canon Law as it relates to the practice of medicine.
Knowledgeable of pertinent doctrines and documents important to various faiths.
Ability to minister to the patients and families of all faith traditions.
Skilled in noticing and addressing the various feelings and emotions that the
patient makes known in verbal and nonverbal signs. Sensitivity to emotional
signs of sick people and understanding, as well as, effective use of counseling
techniques. Desire to work with sick and dying.

St. Mary's Janesville Hospital

Our $150 million community medical campus opened in 2012 to
provide a full range of health services for Janesville and the surrounding
communities in Rock County. The campus includes a 50-bed hospital St. Mary's
Janesville Hospital and our adjacent Dean Clinic Janesville East location,
which offers exceptional primary and specialty care on one central complex. Our
165,000-square-foot hospital has all private rooms, a healing garden and
award-winning emergency and obstetrics departments.

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