Shipping (3rd Shift) - $1,000 SIGN-ON BONUS


2019-07-13 06:18:04

Job location Hegins, Pennsylvania, United States

Job type: fulltime

Job industry: Retail & Consumer Products

Job description


The purpose of this job is to gather the components together to complete an order and either wrap or sort it and put it in its appropriate place for the loaders to locate and load.

Essential Duties:

* Read and understand orders.

* Reads job order for specifications of product.

* Understand the scanning system for loading trucks.

* Work well in group environments.

* Obey all company policies and procedures.

* Maintain a clean and organized work area.

* Complies with all safety procedures and wears appropriate PPE.

* Inspect work-in-process and finished units to ensure compliance with quality standards.

* Understands loading process and responsibilities.

* Needs to provide or actively participate in continued process improvements.

* Regular punctual attendance is an essential function of the job.

* Learn product identification.

* Learn to secure product properly.

* Properly place products in appropriate locations.

* Operate a forklift.

* 40 plus hours a week.

. Requirements:

Ability to read and comprehend basic work instructions, standard procedures, and production orders

*Ability to perform basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals

*Ability to read and understand a basic tape measure to an increment of 1/16 inch

*Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. on a frequent and sustained basis

*Capability to stand and move frequently while performing repetitive assembly tasks

*Possess a collaborative, team-driven attitude. Team members rely on each other to complete required tasks in order to meet daily and weekly production schedules, and as a result a good attendance record and a team focus is critical.

*Be quality and precision-driven, and able to follow all quality and safety requirements

*Have a customer service mentality and a strong desire to meet daily production goals so the organization can meet and exceed customer expectations.

*Show strong reasoning and creative problem-solving skills to overcome production challenges

*Ability to read and comprehend basic work instructions, standard procedures, and production orders

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