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A-Team Solutions

2020-10-08 15:51:32

Job location Sabillasville, Maryland, United States

Job type: fulltime

Job industry: Healthcare & Medical

Job description

PsychiatristPlace of Performance:Sabillasville, MDA-Team Solutions is seeking a Psychiatrist to provide services (1)one day weekly at a local juvenile facility in Sabillasville, MD for an opportunity that we are currently pursuing. Job Duties:Shall follow established, acceptable, and best practices in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry for prescribing psychotropic medication to youth at Victor Cullen Center. Shall continue medication from the community or prior placement, if in the opinion of the prescribing psychiatrist, the medication is appropriate, safe, and indicated for a youths diagnoses. Shall only place orders for psychotropic medication that contain specified times and have a start date and stop date that does not exceed thirty (30) days. Orders may not be on a prn basis. All orders must be signed. The Contractor shall not order or administer psychotropic medications for chemical restraint or against a youths will. Provide follow-up services to youth on psychotropic medication a minimum of every thirty (30) days or more frequently as indicated. Contact parents/guardians when indicated to discuss or verify a youths history and treatment needs, and/or to obtain consent for psychotropic medication. As required by law, the Contractor must obtain consent from the parent/guardian for youth under the age of sixteen (16). The Contractor may utilize DJS nursing staff in obtaining consent, if needed. Youth who are sixteen (16) or over may consent for themselves for psychotropic medication however, the Contractor must first discuss the risks, benefits, and indication for the medication with them. The assigned psychiatrist(s) must appropriately monitor youth on psychotropic medication for effectiveness of the medication as well as for possible side effects and adverse reactions. This monitoring includes: a) Follow-up visits and optional use of scales to monitor for signs and symptoms of disorders; b) Completion of AIMS and the DJS Required Antipsychotic Medication Worksheet for youth on antipsychotic medication; c) Ordering appropriate laboratory testing and, when indicated, EKGs; and d) Reviewing BMI (body mass index) and vital signs such as blood pressure periodically as indicated. On-Call Services The Contractor shall provide on-call telephone consultation services twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week to the Departments nursing and, if necessary, other health staff for questions relating to psychotropic medication orders and drug dependence or withdrawal. The average time spent in on-call services is estimated to be approximately one (1) hour per week with a range of less than one (1) hour to four (4) hours per week. The Contractors on-call services duties include but are not limited to: a) Returning calls from DJS staff within thirty (30) minutes; b) Logging on-call activities with date and time spent engaged in documentation or conversation with DJS staff, other providers, parents/guardians, or youth; c) Interviewing the youth over the telephone when the situation requires, for example to speak to a youth who may require medication management; d) Giving verbal orders and/or fax orders to facility nursing staff; e) Faxing progress notes for any on-call assessments completed over the phone to the facility nursing staff no later than the next calendar day; f) Faxing orders to the DJS pharmacy when required; and g) Giving verbal orders to continue psychotropic medication for youth that are newly admitted and were previously on medications in the community or in placement if the medications are deemed safe and appropriate for the diagnoses until such time that the psychiatrist can assess the youth on-site. As part of this process, DJS nursing staff verify medications with previous placements and/or parents/guardians and obtain appropriate consent before medications are administered. DJS attempts to limit any interruptions in the safe and appropriate medication treatment for the youth that it serves.

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