Live-In Transitional House Manager

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Epiphany Center

2018-12-11 04:50:55

Job location San Francisco, California, United States

Job type: fulltime

Job industry: Trades & Services

Job description


The Live-In Transitional House Manager is responsible for assuring that the facilities of the Epiphany Transitional House are maintained in good order and acts as a liaison between the residents and Epiphany Center administration. The women at Epiphany Transitional are responsible for the cleanliness of their own apartments, as well as all of the common spaces. As an employee of the Epiphany Center, the Live-In Transitional House Manager is a support to the women who live in the house, assuring that all house rules are followed and all of the residents are treated with respect and supported to become the best they can be in their interactions with each other and in their use of the common spaces.

The Live-In Transitional House Manager is the manager and works with the women to maintain a clean, safe environment at all times. In this role the Live-In Transitional House Manager monitors all aspects of the house and puts in appropriate requests for maintenance and repairs.

The Live-In Transitional House Manager works with the Residential Treatment Specialist and meets at mutually acceptable times to assure good communication is maintained. The Live-In Transitional House Manager will have an apartment and is responsible to maintain in a clean and safe manner.

The Live-In Transitional House Manager position will be required to live in the house and be available to manage emergencies. In addition to having the room at no cost, the Live-In Transitional House Manager will be paid for two hours a day to assure that the building is properly maintained by the residents and the building is secure.

The Live-In Transitional House Manager will be paid for any time awoken to manage emergencies during the night, and will notify the supervisor as soon as possible of any emergencies. The Live-In Transitional House Manager assures that there are no drugs or alcohol on the premises at any time. Two days scheduled time off will be coordinated with the Residential Treatment Specialist.

Will only consider candidates in San Francisco Bay Area who meet our requirements.


To perform this job successfully, the individual must be able to perform the essential job duties and meet the qualifications listed below:

  1. Must possess current CPR and First Aid certificates.
  2. Must meet agency conditions for employment including requirements for Child Abuse and Fingerprinting clearances.
  3. Able to make the Epiphany Transitional House her primary residence during her employment.
  4. If any history of Substance Abuse, must have completed any Recovery Programs successfully at least 5 years previous to hire date.RESPONSIBILITIES
  1. Understands and practices the philosophies of Trauma-Informed Care.
  2. Ensures rules and guidelines are being followed.
  3. Provides supportive presence to all residents.
  4. Maintains confidentiality in all circumstances as required by professional ethics and legal requirements.
  5. Demonstrates and maintains appropriate boundaries with residents.
  6. Maintains on-going communication with supervisor and administration through documentation as assigned. Completes any records and reports as assigned.
  7. Monitors the safety of all children residing in the residence and immediately reports any concern of child abuse/neglect to the Residential Treatment Specialist and/or Hotline.
  8. Makes regular security checks of the entire residence and grounds as assigned or as needed. Reports any violation of the security policy immediately to your supervisor. Attends residential house meetings as able.
  9. Reads and interprets written information such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals. Assures that all appliances are in working order and puts in maintenance requests as needed.
  10. Performs effectively and professionally under pressure.
  11. Acknowledges safety policies and procedures and immediately reports potentially unsafe conditions.
  12. Supports and implements the MSJ-SE mission and the philosophy of the Daughters of Charity.
  13. Schedules are to be coordinated with the Residential Treatment Specialist (RTS) with a calendar, indicating planned absences at least two weeks in advance approved by the RTS and the Chief Operating Officer. Any absence greater than 2 consecutive nights will be approved by the Chief Operating Officer.
  14. When no other Epiphany Staff are on-duty, the Live-In House Manager will be paid for four week-end hours each week-end day to assure residents have carried out household assignments and that the house is secure.
  15. Other duties as assigned.


To apply for this position, please submit your resume with a cover letter.

The Epiphany Center, a non-profit in San Francisco, provides client-centered care to a diverse population of children, women, and families who are the most vulnerable in our society. Our purpose is to strengthen family life and to enhance the physical, social-emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of each person in our care.

Epiphany Center is committed to workforce diversity. Qualified applicants will receive full consideration without regard to age, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, health status or national origin.

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