Director Of Nursing

My New Company

2020-10-12 20:12:35

Job location Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Job type: fulltime

Job industry: Executive Positions

Job description


Job Requirements:
  • Execute comprehensive nursing care activities and provide nursing staff leadership
  • Promote improvement in nursing care
  • Interpret all nursing policies and procedures to nursing personnel
  • Ensure that nursing staff provide quality nursing and rehabilitative care to residents under care
  • Select all nursing management staff
  • Provide comprehensive leadership to nursing superviosrs and nursing staff
  • Direct operations of the nursing department and manage nursing staff
  • Developing nursing care policies and procedures
  • Evaluate nursing standards and nurse protocols for all nursing programs
  • Determine the quality of nursing care
  • Maintain nursing care objectives and standards of nursing care practices for facility in cooperation
  • Provide the best in nursing care
  • Provide thebest in nursing care
  • Administer nursing care as indicated by the nursing care plan and in compliance with JCAHO
  • Ensure that all nursing department staff
  • Update all nursing care policies and procedures
  • Assure appropriate nursing staff coverage
  • Revise nursing standards and procedures and coordinate nursing care with other disciplines
  • Upgrade and improve nursing care to residents
  • Assist nursing staff with problem

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