Associate Pastor

Paradox Church

2018-08-01 20:05:33

Job location Redlands, California, United States

Job type: fulltime

Job industry: Community & Sport

Job description

Job Description

-Short Job Description

The Administrator works in conjunction with the Lead Pastor to run, maintain, and grow Paradox to fully become a church who sees and embraces Jesus Christ in all.

The Paradox Administrator will never be asked to pastor or preach the congregation, but will be involved in the processes of everything else related to the church.

-Expanded Job Description


Coordinates, gives structure to, and evaluates health of all Volunteer Teams.

Strives to make volunteering as simple, attractive, and enjoyable as possible.

Lead worship service coordinator in absence of Lead Pastor.

-Special Events and Community Involvement

Develops/implements master plan to involve Paradox into the community of Redlands.

Coordinates all special events and community outreach.


Assumes the role of Treasurer of Paradox.

Records all donations and expenses into Quickbooks.

Writes checks.

Reimbursements for all staff and volunteers.

Prepares monthly financial report for Trustees.

Prepares and Mails year-end giving receipts to all donors.

Prepares annual budget in conjunction with Lead Pastor.


Oversees and completes all legal forms and paperwork of Paradox.

Types and files minutes from Trustees and Elders Meetings.

Keeps Church records of memberships, baptisms, dedications, marriages, births, and deaths.

-Human Resources

Head of Human Resources.

In charge of reporting hours and wages to EDD for all personnel.

Pays state and federal taxes.

In charge of all legalities in regards to employment.

Runs and Prepares Payroll.

-Required Meetings

Attends weekly staff meetings

Attends monthly Trustees and Elders meetings.

Attends annual Church Business Meetings.


In charge of producing and coordinating weekly digital newsletter and announcements

Actively pursues new opportunities for growing the congregation.

Oversees all social media outlets and communication with community

-Other duties as assigned.

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