Associate Director I


2019-06-28 17:31:02

Job location Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Job type: fulltime

Job industry: Community & Sport

Job description

Job Summary:

The Associate Director I will operate under the close and direct supervision of the daily director of Domestic television productions by assisting with the timing of the show, the assembly of the show, and the preparation of assigned elements of the show, such as graphics, pre-production elements and pre-recorded segments.


  • Assists the director in executing live television productions from the control room by "calling the shots" to the production crew and technical crew involved. The program audio may be in Spanish, and the Director and Associate Director will make his/her commands in English.
  • Ensures that the video portions of assigned shows are cued and fed.
  • Coordinates video and graphics with the flow of the show. Graphics often in Spanish.
  • Coordinates remote feeds, both domestic and international; ensures that specific shots are fed to the show correctly and on time.
  • Tracks video cut sheets, indicating time, audio elements and graphic needs.
  • Before assigned productions, coordinates the show with the control room and assigned Master Control Operators
  • May be assigned to special projects

Basic Qualifications:

  • A thorough understanding of television production is mandatory.
  • Clear, concise and comprehensive verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to think quickly in a pressure situation.
  • Hard working, detail oriented, passionate about production, interested in technical areas and continually offers creative ideas

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Three years of production experience or network equivalent preferred
  • Directing experience preferred.
  • Bilingual language skills (Spanish/English) preferred

Required Education

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent

Preferred Education

  • Bachelor's Degree

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