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Anesthesia Technologist - 110002

Global Medical Recruiting (GM Recruiting)

2021-10-16 04:32:54

Job location Doha, Doha, Qatar

Job industry:

Job Contact: Global Medical Recruiting (GM Recruiting)

Job description

Package 3 Year contract (renewable) GenerousTax free basic salary. Offered according to experience. From 8300QAR up to 15375 QAR per month. 15375 QAR is equal to +/- 3000 JOD /11700 TND / 61 000 South-African Rand / 230 000 PHP / 522 000 PKR /76 000 SDG. •  Free fully furnishedaccommodation provided. •  Transportallowance of 1250 QAR per month added to your basic salary. •  Free "round trip" (toand from home country) flight tickets on joining, annual leave, andon repatriation. For those with family contract offered this willbe also be applicable for your family (wife and up to 3 children upto 18 years old). •  40 days paidannual vacation days. •  End ofService Award (at end of contract) which is one month'ssalary for each year worked. •  Etc.The benefits outlined here are those that apply to most employees.Salary offer packages are determined by the employer. GlobalMedical Recruiting can assist the applicant with salary offernegotiations with the employer, but in the end the final salarypackage offered is at the sole discretion of the employer and notof Global Medical Recruiting.

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