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Infectious Disease Internist Specialist

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2021-11-27 03:56:54

Job location Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Job Contact: Search Plus HR

Job description

• Consulting with patients tounderstand their symptoms and health concerns.• Diagnosing and treating acute illness, such asbacterial and viral infections, as well as chronic diseases andconditions, such as hypertension, heart disease, ordiabetes. • Prescribing oradministering medication, therapy, and other specialized medicalcare to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury.• Explaining procedures and discussing testresults or prescribed treatments with patients.• Monitoring patients’ conditions andprogress, and re-evaluating treatments, as necessary.Qualifications: • Valid and activemedical license. • Exceptionalattention to detail. • Outstandingresearch and analytical skills. •Excellent communicator who can empathize with patients.• Flexible working hours.Benefits: • Accommodationallowance. • Healthcareinsurance. • Free flights.• Paid leave. •Education allowance for children. • Thesuccessful candidate must have completed at least 3-5 years ofexperience post specialist training and preferably more.OTP

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